WHY ‘UC Verde’ ® Buffalograss ?


Water Savings

‘UC Verde’ ®requires as little as a fourth of the amount of water as do traditional turf grasses, leading to a savings of as much as 75% of the volume of water that is applied to other types of turf.  ‘UC Verde’ ®  Buffalograss is eligible for water rebates in many cities; check with your local city officials or water board to see if you qualify.

Reduced Chemical Applications

Native buffalograss from the North American plains is extremely tough, and these attributes are very much present in ‘UC Verde’ ® resulting in little or no chemical needs. Traditional bluegrass and fescue lawns require significant applications of chemical insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides for the control of insects, disease, and weeds. In addition to very strong disease and insect resistance, ‘UC Verde’ ® Buffalograss was bred to be dense in habit, making it difficult for and weeds to become established.

Reduced Mowing = Less Maintenance

‘UC Verde’ ® has a slow vertical growth habit, peaking at 4 to 6” tall. There is no set mowing schedule for this cultivar, and it is highly adaptable in terms of achieving the desired look. For a manicured turf, mow once every two to three weeks; for a more natural, meadow-type look, mow much less. It is recommended that the lawn or meadow be mowed at least once per year to maintain vigor.

Pollen Reduction

‘UC Verde’ ® is an excellent turf grass choice for pollen-reduced landscapes. This vegetative selection is a female sterile plant, does not produce seed, and is nearly pollen-free as compared with other turf grasses. The American Lung Association recommends plants which have pollen rating of 6.0 or less, using the OPALS/TM scale ‘UC Verde’ is rated just over 1.0

Facing environmental realities does not mean we need give up our lawns and turf landscapes, but we do need to be responsible from a horticultural perspective.

As our population continues to grow, we must face the need to conserve water, reduce our dependency on chemicals, decrease our use of fossil fuels, and select plants that do not contribute heavily to the epidemic of pollen allergies experienced worldwide.

The ‘UC Verde’ ® selection of buffalograss, recently introduced by researchers from UC Riverside and UC Davis positively addresses all of these concerns:

‘UC Verde‘ ® is THE ONLY buffalograss that was bred in California,

for California’s unique climate. 

‘UC Verde’ ®  Buffalograss

  = Low Input Earth Friendly ‘Live’ Turf

Reduced Mowing + Less Pesticide + Less Water =

Less Maintenance


Reduced Carbon Footprint