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UC Verde

UC Verde

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'UC Verde' is shipped directly to your door in trays of 128 plugs. These plugs are ready and easy to plant. 'UC Verde' may be planted year-round, but the best fill-in will occur from April-September.

'UC Verde' is the ONLY buffalograss that was bred in California for California’s unique climate, making it an ideal and sustainable lawn substitute. It requires very little water, leading to savings of as much as 75% of water that is applied to traditional turfs. Because of this, 'UC Verde' Buffalograss is eligible for water rebates in many cities. It is also allergy-friendly as it produces little pollen. And, 'UC Verde' provides even more savings and less maintenance with the option to only mow once a year, its weed suppressing properties, and very little fertilizer needs.

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